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Red Point Tailored Workout Routines

Red Point Fitness features proven workout regimens precisely tailored to your individual needs. Remember, we can only provide the framework for your success, you will need to make the important decisions that affect you and your body the most. A commitment to seeing your goals realized is required.

Red Point Fitness combines result-driven exercises with true flexibility that automatically customizes to your needs, abilities and equipment. All of this reaches you through an always accessible, cutting-edge interface. From instructional videos to on-line support staffing and an open Red Point community board, Red Point fitness offers the most comprehensive set of tools for reaching your fitness goals.

How is Red Point Fitness Different?

+ No cookie-cutter templates. Your routines and diets are YOURS, and they evolve as you evolve.

+ No single-faceted training solutions; Red Point Fitness is the answer to multiple fitness goals.

+ Our exercises and sub-lifts are based on science, experience, and logic.

Completely Customizable Workout Templates

We provide the tools; you are the architect. Red Point Fitness uses years of practical training knowledge to build routines to suit almost every experience level and lifting style.

You will always be able to choose substitute lifts, add rest days to your routine and discuss any questions that you might have with our expert moderation staff. We also offer a variety of logging tools for your workouts. You will be able to see total weight lifted, intensity and volume from every workout that you log. This will provide you with great information for making adjustments when necessary in your routines. Also, our routine selection will be continually updated to offer you even more variety.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...Video is Priceless

Confused about proper form on your squats? Not sure if you're doing your bench press correctly?

Most of our lifts have videos embedded next to them to show you proper form. Our models demonstrating the different exercises range from Total Elite Powerlifters to every day working moms. And if you ever have a question, the forum is only a click away.

Why use Redpoint?

Red Point Fitness is the best interactive diet and fitness tool available today. Our Diet plans and Workout routines will help with Fat loss, Strength gains, nutrition and overall health.

This isn't just a website. It's a partner in your quest to reach the top of the peak.

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