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August 26 2009 Digestive Capacity

After working with well over a thousand personal training clients over the last 10 years, I have come to the firm conclusion that digestive capacity, or lack thereof, is one of the prime causes of failure in the lifting world. If you don’t fuel it, it will never happen, and by “it” I mean fat loss, lean mass gain, strength gain, etc.  While a large segment of the lifters out there don’t fuel “it” well enough due to pure neglect on their part, many lose because of an innate lack in their capacity to process large amounts of food well.

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August 26 2009 When It Quits Working

Many people get hung-up on training protocols or workout routines that have provided them good results in the past. Since so many struggle so badly to add strength and size, when they finally find something that works - they are hooked. Many in the worst way, because when their training stops working…they refuse to abandon it, or modify it enough to make it stimulate gains again - so they flounder.

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July 14 2009 Dieting is simple

Dieting is simple. You need to:

NOT be thinking about supplements until the diet and training are correct.

Eat below your maintenance calorie level.

DON’T be too aggressive with caloric deficit. You didn’t gain it overnight and can’t expect to lose it overnight.

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