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August 26 2009 When It Quits Working

Many people get hung-up on training protocols or workout routines that have provided them good results in the past. Since so many struggle so badly to add strength and size, when they finally find something that works - they are hooked. Many in the worst way, because when their training stops working…they refuse to abandon it, or modify it enough to make it stimulate gains again - so they flounder.

There are two extremes that come to mind.  First, there are those that continually “fix things that AREN’T broken with their training, and take an effective routine that is working for them and continually butcher it until it loses its effectiveness.”  And then there are those that will hang-on to a workout routine that is no longer working, as if their life depended on it. They are hopelessly trapped…never understanding they hold the key to future strength and mass gains. I understand that part of the problem is usually created by the long search that got them to the workout routine/protocol that was working for them. Most trainees try a LOT of different things that fail terribly until they strike upon something that works, they then are so reluctant to move outside of the confines of their beloved protocol that they endlessly continue doing more of the same that is now marginally or totally ineffective.

Most people’s bodies need significant changes made to the loading parameters over time in order to force their body into adaptation mode. I am often amazed by how long SOME people can use the same routine and remain progressive. I have a few trainees that have been doing the same routine for anywhere from 6 months to 1-1/2 years and they are still progressive almost every workout!!! They are NOT the norm. Most people need change every 6-12 weeks, and many advanced trainees need change much more often than that. In many cases, EVERY workout needs to be varied at least to keep the growth response in motion.

When it quits working what EXACTLY should you do to get the gains moving again? Great question!  And a LONG topic I will save for another day…

But the bottom line is, unless you are seeing progress in the gym, you NEED a change, and you need it NOW!

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